Company website interactive 3D product interface

3D visual for interactive web hero - oil & gas industry


Amped Up Power Solutions is a US company that offers equipment that contributes to a more environmentally friendly and efficient method of fracking. Their main source of income is the rental and maintenance of specialized equipment that is powered by their own generators.


Our goal was to present this technology, inform customers about its geographic availability, and create a unique visual identity that highlights its innovation.

Our team of creatives collaborated with Amped Up Power Solutions to create a digital replica of the technical infrastructure of an oil well.

3D mesh of the fracking site in 3Ds Max

We then created a unique website on which this replica came to life. Every visitor to the website has the opportunity to learn more about the offered technology through a playful and interactive interface, and also to visualize the role that this technology plays in the context of the well site. This application is connected to a product catalog that can be dynamically changed in the website's administrative interface.



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