3D products in digital catalogue - DC Shoes & Monegros

3D products in digital catalogue - DC Shoes & Monegros


Monegros Desert Festival is a music festival that takes place annually in the Monegros desert in Aragon, northern Spain. The festival is known for its techno music, but it also offers a wide range of other genres, such as hip hop, drum and bass, house, tech house, acid, hardcore, and more. It takes place on an area of 100 hectares and attracts up to 60,000 visitors from around the world each year. The festival is known for its unique atmosphere, which is created by a combination of desert, music, and people. Our client, the well-known American company DC Shoes, is a traditional partner of the festival, for which it provides not only skateboarding facilities, but also a unique edition of clothing, accessories designed specifically as the merchandise for this event.

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Despite the possibility of purchasing clothing directly at place in the sales tent, we wanted to give attendees the opportunity to view the merchandise from anywhere in the festival grounds and thus maximize sales during the short time window of the festival, which traditionally lasts two days.


The designing team at DC Shoes already had the experience with digitizing their footwear products with us, specifically with using photogrammetry technology. Due to the good previous experiences, they asked us for help with the digitization of the exclusive merch for the event, the development of an online catalog of 3D products, and the creation and maintanance of hosting infrastructure for the event’s duration.

First, we started creating the products. Given that this event was being handled just shortly before its start, we did not have enough time to implement digitization using 3D scanning methods. We therefore decided to recreate their products and apparel using 3D modeling. The DC Shoes team was very helpful and provided us with clothing design blueprints to create: backpacks, caps, bags, scarves, t-shirts, tops, and hoodies. From the finished products, we created both material for the online catalog and an animation for the subsequent advertising campaign. We created the application itself in the Django Framework (a customizable custom content management system) to allow DC Shoes staff for dynamic changes to the content, prices, and color variants of products listed in the catalog. We then exported the final application as static pages and hosted them using the JAMSTACK architecture, thanks to which there was no problem facing the estimated 60,000 visitors even if they all connected at the same time. Additionally we used CDN service in order to assure best possible availability despite festivals remote location.


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