Automatization and employee time tracking - CNC

Showcase of custom system UI for measuring CNC time on job


Every business would like to have a thriving company, but in order to know where to go, they must first know where they are starting. This was the case of Hiatus, a company that specializes in the design and precise production of individual and small-series machined parts made of metals and plastics. Due to the requirements for precision, high quality and the nature of the mechanical engineering market, only those who are not afraid of innovation can succeed. The management of Hiatus therefore iteratively innovates its management processes and for this it needs to carefully document production times and material and energy consumption.


Although some CNC machines offer access to machine data, they often charge considerable sums of money to unlock them. In the case of mixed machine parks, the license can cost up to millions of crowns and the development of own solutions can therefore be much cheaper. This was also the case for Hiatus, for which we have successfully automated many corporate processes in the past (machine maintenance management, tool inventory, workshop reports, etc.). In this case, we developed an application for iPads whose design allows for easy user switching (one iPad is enough for multiple operators at the same time). The application is connected to a list of orders and parts and allows the operator to record the details of operations in real time. At the end of the working day, the data is exported to Excel, where further analyses can be performed, on the basis of which Hiatus estimates prices and plans training.


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