Jotex - Fotorealistic 3D product twins in 3Ds Max

3D render of rug image for e-commerce


Jotex is a Swedish furniture and home furnishings company that offers a vast assortment of carpets. Each carpet requires visual marketing materials. With thousands of types, hundreds of sizes, countless materials, patterns, and colors, some of which are still in the design phase, the demand for digitalization of the product range for the online store, configurator, and catalog can be overwhelming. Given the limited budget, high volume, and demand for premium visual quality, our team faced a unique production challenge.


Due to the obvious project's constraints, our only option was to automate the catalog creation process. Using a combination of retouching, digital painting, and 3D modeling, we constructed a scene that would optimally showcase the carpets. Meanwhile the client provided us with a catalog of fabrics (textures) and dimensions for each carpet. We then utilized clever scripts and 3D Studio Max software to convert texture photographs into 3D models and dynamically generate the scene and camera for each catalog item, regardless of size or material. The resulting product was not only a substantial amount of marketing material suitable for a web configurator, but also a replicable methodology capable of producing similar materials at a fraction of the cost of traditional photo production.

Rug image 3D wireframe Rug image after rendering


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