How to host your static html pages for free

Delve into the benefits of hosting static HTML pages for free with Cloudflare Pages. Compare its advantages with other hosting solutions, uncovering its edge in simplicity, customizability, and commercial usage freedom.

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Some website projects don't require robust databases, Linux servers, or other complex configurations. Sometimes, we simply want to put up our business page quickly without the hassle of dealing with servers or a sophisticated CMS. But is there a place where we can host our website for free? The answer is yes—there are actually many options available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

We have various commercial solutions for website building, such as Wix and Webflow. There are also platforms designed for developers, like Netlify or Vercel. However, the challenge with these solutions is that Wix and Webflow do not allow the use of custom domains for free websites. On the other hand, Netlify and Vercel offer free plans, but their terms of service prohibit their use for commercial projects. Therefore, in our opinion, the best solution is Cloudflare Pages.

Advantages of Cloudflare Pages

Cloudflare Pages, a product of Cloudflare, a renowned name in web security and performance, offers an impressive hosting platform tailored to meet the demands of both developers and commercial ventures. Here's why Cloudflare Pages stands out from the crowd:

  1. No Commercial Usage Restrictions:
    Unlike some other prominent hosting providers like Netlify and Vercel, Cloudflare Pages welcomes commercial projects on its free tier. This means you can confidently host your commercial website without any limitations or fear of violating terms of service.
  2. Custom Domain Support:
    Cloudflare Pages allows you to host your website using your custom domain. This level of customization is crucial for businesses and brands looking to maintain a consistent online identity and user experience.
  3. Global Content Delivery Network (CDN):
    Leveraging Cloudflare's robust global CDN, your website benefits from faster loading times and better performance, ensuring an optimal user experience regardless of the visitor's location.
  4. Seamless Integration with Git Repositories:
    Cloudflare Pages integrates effortlessly with your Git repositories, streamlining the deployment process. With automatic deployments triggered by commits, you can focus on your code while Cloudflare Pages handles the rest.
  5. Serverless Functions (Cloudflare Workers):
    Integrate serverless functions with your website, enhancing its functionality without the need to manage server infrastructure. This allows for dynamic elements within your static or Jamstack-based website. It allows us to incorporate dynamic features from standard server-side based websites into our static pages.
  6. Ability to develop locally:
    Cloudflare Pages allows us to develop locally when we need more than static pages. Thanks to tools like Wrangler CLI, we can test our Cloudflare Workers and their integration into our static pages.

Cloudflare Pages vs. Other Hosting Options

  1. GitHub Pages:
    While GitHub Pages is ideal for simple static websites, Cloudflare Pages offers a broader range of features and customization options, making it suitable for a variety of projects, including commercial ventures.
  2. Wix and Webflow:
    Unlike Wix and Webflow, which restrict hosting to their own domains and display their own advertisements on free pages, Cloudflare Pages allows hosting on custom domains with no imposed branding or advertisements.
  3. Netlify and Vercel:
    Netlify and Vercel, while exceptional hosting options, impose restrictions on commercial usage for their free plans. In contrast, Cloudflare Pages offers the flexibility of hosting commercial projects without any such restrictions.


When you find yourself in a situation where you have a simple website and are seeking a free hosting solution with exceptional performance and capabilities, Cloudflare Pages emerges as one of the best choices. You can utilize GitHub for automatic project deployment on a global network or even opt for the traditional approach of uploading zip files containing your static HTML pages. When in need of dynamic features such as form submissions, many functionalities can be added through serverless functions, also known as Cloudflare Workers. Additionally, you can seamlessly connect your domain and leverage various tools from the Cloudflare ecosystem.

If you're looking to host your simple sites for free or transform your Photoshop design into static pages hosted at no cost, consider Cloudflare as the way to go. If you require any assistance, we are more than happy to help.

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